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    Paris-flying veterinarian named after new recruits! Kim A-young, head of the animal hospital who is struggling with loans. One day you get a phone call. "Do you see reptiles there?" I'm doing reptile therapy, which is not my major for a living. It's a reptile for use, isn't it? A blue dragon is here to see a doctor! Ahyoung Animal Hospital, where word of mouth went out when she treated him after a faint blast. New patients line up. Looking at the animals in a state of unimaginable identity, Ah-yeong was briefly taken into consideration for their generous medical expenses. "Monster? Blue Dragon? I don't know! Money is the best!" The veterinarian's new medical device. Will Ahyoung be able to treat special patients safely and return to a peaceful daily life?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Views: 5768

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 35352022-01-17
    Chapter 34622022-01-11
    Chapter 33412022-01-11
    Chapter 32442021-12-28
    Chapter 31712021-12-20
    Chapter 301092021-12-08
    Chapter 291062021-12-01
    Chapter 28912021-12-01
    Chapter 271142021-11-17
    Chapter 261052021-11-10
    Chapter 251272021-11-03
    Chapter 241412021-10-27
    Chapter 231322021-10-27
    Chapter 221132021-10-27
    Chapter 211472021-10-06
    Chapter 201622021-09-29
    Chapter 191672021-09-22
    Chapter 181842021-09-16
    Chapter 172162021-09-08
    Chapter 162652021-08-30
    Chapter 152152021-08-30
    Chapter 141652021-08-30
    Chapter 131702021-08-30
    Chapter 121672021-08-30
    Chapter 111712021-08-30
    Chapter 101632021-08-30
    Chapter 91732021-08-30
    Chapter 82282021-08-23
    Chapter 72332021-08-23
    Chapter 62482021-08-23
    Chapter 52262021-08-20
    Chapter 42242021-08-20
    Chapter 32802021-07-06
    Chapter 22762021-07-06
    Chapter 14002021-07-06

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