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    Hiiragi Seiichi is an ugly, revolting, dirty, smelly fatass; these are the insults hurled at him one after another about his appearance. Such was Seiichi's daily school life of bullying, then for some reason, one day when school was out, a voice claiming to be a God said over the PA system to prepare to be transported to another world. What's more, not Seiichi alone, but the entire school. A fantasy world where game-like elements such as as levels, stats, and skills exist. However, the God still had preparations to complete for the transfer, and would send them over as soon as the hero summoning ritual was ready. The classes all formed groups to wait for the transfer, but Seiichi alone was discluded and as such was summoned to a different area. After being transported the first thing Seiichi ate was the "Fruit of Evolution." This would come to greatly change his life... This story is about how Seiichi went from being severely bullied by his classmates, even not being recognized for his accomplishments, and despite all that staying positive and surviving in this new world. As a result, he somehow becomes one of the champions....


    Status: Ongoing

  • Romance
  • Harem
  • Shounen
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Views: 3974

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 251422021-07-22
    Chapter 242122021-07-21
    Chapter 233042021-07-19
    Chapter 221872021-07-19
    Chapter 211792021-07-19
    Chapter 201352021-07-19
    Chapter 191512021-07-19
    Chapter 181472021-07-19
    Chapter 171272021-07-19
    Chapter 161342021-07-19
    Chapter 151602021-07-19
    Chapter 141422021-07-19
    Chapter 131342021-07-19
    Chapter 121282021-07-19
    Chapter 111612021-07-19
    Chapter 101492021-07-19
    Chapter 91332021-07-19
    Chapter 81402021-07-19
    Chapter 71472021-07-19
    Chapter 61482021-07-19
    Chapter 51622021-07-19
    Chapter 41452021-07-19
    Chapter 31612021-07-19
    Chapter 21632021-07-19
    Chapter 11832021-07-19

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