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    The cat lover teenager Meng Changji travels through truck kun! and is bound by a cat system in a parallel world. What is the cat system? I have a big giant kitty as a system! the cat system uses the road not taken! It is the practice that does not take the usual path! When you are kidnapped, other people are looking for opportunities to escape, but this young master walks away while he slaps you right up in the face! haha!. When this Emperor meets a pretty girl for a competition invitation, others used male chauvinistic ways and strength to conquer her, and this young master…this young master acts like a cat really oh..I’m so weak.. Of course, it’s important to hold her thighs if she’s stronger! Strong waifu is the best waifu! don’t you know this?! This Emperor does not practice according to the routine, harvests the cultivation value like a miser. By the way..did this Emperor mention I might be the future god of the cat too? eh..just a hunch. Ahh..cats are so cute. I just wanna pet them all day! Ahhh!!! my System is a CAT!!! this is life! thank you Cat God!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 8535

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 59122022-01-15
    Chapter 581022021-09-01
    Chapter 571202021-08-16
    Chapter 561092021-08-16
    Chapter 551242021-08-04
    Chapter 541202021-07-27
    Chapter 531112021-07-22
    Chapter 521092021-07-21
    Chapter 511062021-07-12
    Chapter 501242021-07-08
    Chapter 491142021-07-08
    Chapter 481532021-07-02
    Chapter 471532021-06-21
    Chapter 461532021-06-20
    Chapter 451752021-06-14
    Chapter 441422021-06-11
    Chapter 431082021-06-11
    Chapter 421632021-06-02
    Chapter 411632021-06-01
    Chapter 402062021-05-19
    Chapter 391392021-05-19
    Chapter 381472021-05-18
    Chapter 371332021-05-18
    Chapter 362112021-05-12
    Chapter 352242021-05-12
    Chapter 342192021-05-10
    Chapter 331982021-05-10
    Chapter 322142021-05-10
    Chapter 311242021-05-10
    Chapter 301302021-05-10
    Chapter 291492021-05-10
    Chapter 281352021-05-10
    Chapter 271352021-05-10
    Chapter 261262021-05-10
    Chapter 251392021-05-10
    Chapter 241482021-05-10
    Chapter 231382021-05-10
    Chapter 221362021-05-10
    Chapter 211312021-05-10
    Chapter 201592021-05-10
    Chapter 191242021-05-10
    Chapter 181332021-05-10
    Chapter 171622021-05-10
    Chapter 161492021-05-10
    Chapter 151462021-05-10
    Chapter 141252021-05-10
    Chapter 131222021-05-10
    Chapter 121502021-05-10
    Chapter 111292021-05-10
    Chapter 101302021-05-10
    Chapter 91582021-05-10
    Chapter 81442021-05-10
    Chapter 71482021-05-10
    Chapter 61542021-05-10
    Chapter 51512021-05-10
    Chapter 41452021-05-10
    Chapter 31592021-05-10
    Chapter 21902021-05-10
    Chapter 12112021-05-10

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