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    Cheng Shan, a mysterious one-armed young man, travels around the world with his companion, a young girl named Ming Cai, in search of a miraculous medicine, the “Faded Dragon Scale”. The theft of the black umbrella from the imperial palace resulted in heavy sins. Due to past relations to the black umbrella, Cheng Shan and Ming Cai decide to search for the black umbrella and recover it. However, after several twists and turns where their lives were in danger, they find that the matter is not as simple as they thought. Will Cheng Shan finally be able to unravel all mysteries and distinguish good from evil? Will he be able to escape unscathed from the lethal threats and dangers lurking in every corner, and eventually find the Faded Dragon Scale? dragon? Or, is there a greater conspiracy behind this? In this life, he is destined to be unable to hide and have no other option but to fight with his life because he is… The Craftsman....


    Status: Ongoing

  • Mystery
  • Martial Arts
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 4261

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 421412021-08-30
    Chapter 411162021-08-30
    Chapter 401132021-08-30
    Chapter 39812021-08-30
    Chapter 38842021-08-30
    Chapter 37822021-08-30
    Chapter 36782021-08-30
    Chapter 35742021-08-30
    Chapter 34762021-08-30
    Chapter 33832021-08-30
    Chapter 32912021-08-30
    Chapter 31872021-08-30
    Chapter 29942021-08-30
    Chapter 28852021-08-30
    Chapter 27922021-08-30
    Chapter 261012021-08-30
    Chapter 25952021-08-30
    Chapter 24952021-08-30
    Chapter 23912021-08-30
    Chapter 22952021-08-30
    Chapter 21952021-08-30
    Chapter 201262021-08-30
    Chapter 19972021-08-30
    Chapter 181312021-08-30
    Chapter 171082021-08-30
    Chapter 161082021-08-30
    Chapter 151222021-08-30
    Chapter 141092021-08-30
    Chapter 131082021-08-30
    Chapter 121002021-08-30
    Chapter 111162021-08-30
    Chapter 10902021-08-30
    Chapter 91012021-08-30
    Chapter 81002021-08-30
    Chapter 7972021-08-30
    Chapter 61032021-08-30
    Chapter 51082021-08-30
    Chapter 41512021-08-30
    Chapter 22402021-08-30
    Chapter 11982021-08-30

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