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    The 10th Volume of The history book of Goryeo (Goryeosa). Iron forge village abandoned by The nation defeated the strongest army in the world, The Mongols. Iron forge village is full of refugees, weapons and iron. In front of the village, there’s ‘Mongke’, The Mongolian General, and hundreds of Mongol Army who follow him to destroy The Iron forge village. A daredevil from the Iron forge village ‘Ji Gwi’ and a cold young general ‘Oh Sa Hwa’. The two completely different people, from their status to personality. They must unite their strengths to stop The Mongols, but every single thing is conflictive. In the end, will Dain Iron forge be safe from The Mongols invasion? Also, can Ji Gwi and Oh Sa Hwa defeat the brutal Mongols?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Historical
  • Martial Arts
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Views: 342

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 25302021-06-08
    Chapter 24202021-06-08
    Chapter 23232021-06-08
    Chapter 22122021-06-08
    Chapter 21102021-06-08
    Chapter 20122021-06-08
    Chapter 19122021-06-08
    Chapter 18102021-06-08
    Chapter 1772021-06-08
    Chapter 16102021-06-08
    Chapter 15122021-06-08
    Chapter 14112021-06-08
    Chapter 13122021-06-08
    Chapter 12112021-06-08
    Chapter 1182021-06-08
    Chapter 10112021-06-08
    Chapter 9122021-06-08
    Chapter 8102021-06-08
    Chapter 7112021-06-08
    Chapter 6182021-06-08
    Chapter 5142021-06-08
    Chapter 4132021-06-08
    Chapter 3132021-06-08
    Chapter 2142021-06-08
    Chapter 1262021-06-08

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