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    Updated every Friday ~ Feng Qi, a young UFC fighter who fell from the top, he returns to China to live an ordinary life, but he discovered that high school life is even more exciting than the UFC. Although Feng Qi doesn’t want to fight for his reputation, he can only defend himself and become strong in order to protect all his loved ones. Although his left arm is badly injured and has only his right hand, Feng Qi will not run away from a fight. “I, Feng Qi, doesn’t violate the law, won’t do illegal activities, not bully the weak.”...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Martial Arts
  • Action
  • Views: 1551

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 16412021-06-21
    Chapter 15372021-06-21
    Chapter 14352021-06-21
    Chapter 13662021-06-14
    Chapter 12542021-06-14
    Chapter 11442021-06-14
    Chapter 10672021-06-06
    Chapter 9572021-06-06
    Chapter 8982021-05-17
    Chapter 7812021-05-17
    Chapter 61742021-04-30
    Chapter 51732021-04-30
    Chapter 41742021-04-30
    Chapter 31292021-04-30
    Chapter 21482021-04-30
    Chapter 11712021-04-30

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