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    Zeolith wanted a chill life, but when he turned 15 his villages rule was that they had to go to the vocational school “Velciel” where each student will choose their profession. Zeolith wanted an easy job where he could laze around all day, but the only options he got were : “The Highest Peak of the Human Race Hero”, “The Strongest Ruler Demon Emperor”, “The Title of the Strongest Magician Great Sage”, "And the last one “The Lowest Title, a Job For Scum Slave Merchant”. None of the titles were a good option. He picked the lowest title Slave Merchant, which is inconspicuous among them and seems to be easy to live. But, He doesn’t know it yet. It’s the lowest occupation but it is the strongest for him and the most annoying-tiring ones. A harem struggle to be swayed by a variety of women, slutty alluring girls from elderly to younger ones who are his childhood friend’s, the poisonous plantgirl, elves, cat ears adventurer, Loli Demon Lord, et cetera. This is Tale of The strongest Slave Merchant unwillingly makes a big success!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 1168

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 241332021-08-30
    Chapter 23502021-08-30
    Chapter 22572021-08-30
    Chapter 21242021-08-30
    Chapter 20272021-08-30
    Chapter 19.5342021-08-30
    Chapter 19402021-08-30
    Chapter 18352021-08-30
    Chapter 17422021-08-30
    Chapter 16362021-08-30
    Chapter 15412021-08-30
    Chapter 14322021-08-30
    Chapter 13392021-08-30
    Chapter 12342021-08-30
    Chapter 11402021-08-30
    Chapter 10392021-08-30
    Chapter 9502021-08-30
    Chapter 8512021-08-30
    Chapter 7452021-08-30
    Chapter 6452021-08-30
    Chapter 5452021-08-30
    Chapter 4522021-08-30
    Chapter 3512021-08-30
    Chapter 2572021-08-30
    Chapter 1692021-08-30

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