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    I’m a healer, but holy magic is seriously so convenient to the point that it’s scary!! Before I knew it, I was in a white room with my friends from an MMORPG. In that room, God was there and told us that we were all going to be sent to an isekai. We were also told to spend all of our skill points in various attributes which would decide our status after reincarnating. Although I was originally planning on becoming a healer just like the one I was in the game we played for the sake of coordinating with my friends, I instead decided to become a well-balanced jack-of-all-trades to be safe. The story of a healer who doesn’t specialize into healing abilities and leisurely travels about in an isekai!!!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Isekai
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 3723

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 211082021-09-18
    Chapter 201622021-09-02
    Chapter 19962021-08-25
    Chapter 182302021-08-04
    Chapter 172912021-07-23
    Chapter 162082021-07-23
    Chapter 151882021-07-23
    Chapter 141582021-07-23
    Chapter 131542021-07-23
    Chapter 121752021-07-23
    Chapter 111712021-07-23
    Chapter 101622021-07-23
    Chapter 91752021-07-23
    Chapter 81692021-07-23
    Chapter 71532021-07-23
    Chapter 61532021-07-23
    Chapter 51732021-07-23
    Chapter 41722021-07-23
    Chapter 31742021-07-23
    Chapter 22122021-07-23
    Chapter 12402021-07-23

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