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    Li Xing, a college student, found a job with the help of the enthusiastic foreman. Unexpectedly, the contractor had another background. Li Xing was also sold to the underground black gang and became a living commodity of human organs on the black market. On the operating table, Li Xing woke up, fought back and escaped from the hospital of the black organization. Li Xing, who was hunted down by the black organization, fled everywhere. At this time, he found that his body had changed…...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Views: 6407

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 21222021-11-30
    Chapter 20862021-11-19
    Chapter 191782021-11-05
    Chapter 18922021-11-05
    Chapter 171662021-10-22
    Chapter 162572021-10-08
    Chapter 152712021-10-05
    Chapter 142952021-09-24
    Chapter 133092021-09-17
    Chapter 123382021-09-13
    Chapter 112752021-09-13
    Chapter 103042021-09-13
    Chapter 93182021-08-25
    Chapter 84242021-08-16
    Chapter 73672021-08-16
    Chapter 63772021-08-16
    Chapter 53382021-08-16
    Chapter 44492021-08-03
    Chapter 34232021-08-03
    Chapter 24652021-08-03
    Chapter 16562021-07-31

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