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    I have become the mother of “Ain Spenner”, the antagonist of a novel. I was supposed to be a bad stepmother who abused him as a child and was killed by him when he became an adult. But I saw the cute look on his naive and chubby face, “No, he’s so cute. He’s so young that he’s still sucking on his tiny fingers! How could I ever hurt him?” The child was so cute that I couldn’t believe that he would become a villain. And so, I decided. I will protect him! This way, he will protect me too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ain’s cute little face stared coldly at Duke Cassius, “I told you not to touch me.” “Why should I listen to you?” The tension rose between the two. “You never really even liked her.” the duke’s eyes widened, no way… did Ain think of Roselia as more than a mother? Cassius could not believe it. “Stop scaring her, she might run away.” Ain said. Ain was worried that she would leave and never come back. Duke Cassius couldn’t believe it, his only son was obsessed with Roseria....


    Status: Ongoing

  • Isekai
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Views: 21935

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 581512021-09-04
    Chapter 571332021-08-28
    Chapter 561292021-08-21
    Chapter 552062021-08-07
    Chapter 541732021-07-31
    Chapter 532462021-07-24
    Chapter 522252021-07-17
    Chapter 512382021-07-10
    Chapter 501692021-07-03
    Chapter 492242021-06-26
    Chapter 482612021-06-19
    Chapter 472672021-06-12
    Chapter 4612882021-04-13
    Chapter 455712021-04-13
    Chapter 444732021-04-13
    Chapter 434032021-04-13
    Chapter 423612021-04-13
    Chapter 413592021-04-13
    Chapter 403472021-04-13
    Chapter 393332021-04-13
    Chapter 383592021-04-13
    Chapter 373172021-04-13
    Chapter 363372021-04-13
    Chapter 353372021-04-13
    Chapter 343282021-04-13
    Chapter 333172021-04-13
    Chapter 323182021-04-13
    Chapter 313462021-04-13
    Chapter 303872021-04-13
    Chapter 293302021-04-13
    Chapter 283042021-04-13
    Chapter 273432021-04-13
    Chapter 263002021-04-13
    Chapter 253642021-04-13
    Chapter 243622021-04-13
    Chapter 233402021-04-13
    Chapter 223312021-04-13
    Chapter 213512021-04-13
    Chapter 203502021-04-13
    Chapter 193522021-04-13
    Chapter 183662021-04-13
    Chapter 173572021-04-13
    Chapter 163852021-04-13
    Chapter 153432021-04-13
    Chapter 143432021-04-13
    Chapter 133872021-04-13
    Chapter 124212021-04-13
    Chapter 113782021-04-13
    Chapter 103632021-04-13
    Chapter 93902021-04-13
    Chapter 83712021-04-13
    Chapter 73922021-04-13
    Chapter 64162021-04-13
    Chapter 54582021-04-13
    Chapter 44612021-04-13
    Chapter 34962021-04-13
    Chapter 25392021-04-13
    Chapter 17342021-04-13
    Chapter 010652021-04-13

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