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    Lee Hyun Ho, an ordinary man who was looking for a job in Korea, has been reincarnated into a prince from the Joseon dynasty. But unfortunately, he was reincarnated into Grand Prince Jinseong, the younger brother of the tyrant Yeonsangun! Although he graduated from a decent school, Hyun ho struggled to find a job. One day, he went to sleep after spending his day living the ordinary life of a poor Korean, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself as Grand Prince Jinseong from the 15th century. Since he was now a rich prince, his plan was to live the high life but… He finds out that his brother is Yeonsangun, the king of Joseon, infamous for being a crazy tyrant! And thus marks the start of the ordinary job seeker, Grand Prince Jinseong’s (Lee Hyun Ho) plan of making the tyrant Yeonsangun into a great king and to protect his own wife. The unpredictable ‘Yeonsangun mental care project’! ‘Alright~~ Let’s change history!’...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 7779

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 44722021-07-27
    Chapter 42802021-07-27
    Chapter 381372021-07-01
    Chapter 371462021-06-22
    Chapter 361452021-06-22
    Chapter 351402021-06-22
    Chapter 341062021-06-22
    Chapter 331782021-06-20
    Chapter 321502021-06-20
    Chapter 311472021-06-20
    Chapter 301002021-06-20
    Chapter 292182021-05-29
    Chapter 281942021-05-29
    Chapter 271822021-05-29
    Chapter 261212021-05-29
    Chapter 252582021-05-11
    Chapter 242542021-05-07
    Chapter 232542021-05-04
    Chapter 222792021-05-02
    Chapter 212782021-04-30
    Chapter 202792021-04-29
    Chapter 192652021-04-29
    Chapter 182512021-04-29
    Chapter 171812021-04-29
    Chapter 161852021-04-29
    Chapter 151882021-04-29
    Chapter 141782021-04-30
    Chapter 131872021-04-29
    Chapter 121882021-04-29
    Chapter 111862021-04-29
    Chapter 102052021-04-29
    Chapter 91912021-04-29
    Chapter 81902021-04-29
    Chapter 71982021-04-29
    Chapter 62082021-04-29
    Chapter 52152021-04-29
    Chapter 42012021-04-29
    Chapter 32292021-04-29
    Chapter 22852021-04-29
    Chapter 13252021-04-29

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