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    I’m aiming to be like Haare’s number one receptionist onee-san! In a world filled with magic, from a young age, Nanari has always wanted to be a receptionist at Haare, just like that onee-san. Her parents told her she couldn’t become one unless she enrolled in the kingdom’s magic academy and became a top-class magic user. However, when she gets there she’s surrounded by royalty and nobility. Nanari is determined to be the best amongst all the commoners! But the prince who sits beside her is always getting in her way! After graduating, Nanari successfully became a receptionist at Haare, but each day is far more hectic than what she originally thought would be! On top of all this, that annoying prince who continuously bothered her has found a job and...??...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Seinen
  • School Life
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Views: 835

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 12.51092021-08-11
    Chapter 12792021-08-11
    Chapter 11742021-08-11
    Chapter 10322021-08-11
    Chapter 9272021-08-11
    Chapter 8.5322021-08-11
    Chapter 8302021-08-11
    Chapter 7272021-08-11
    Chapter 6.5322021-08-11
    Chapter 6.2352021-08-11
    Chapter 6.1282021-08-11
    Chapter 5372021-08-11
    Chapter 4302021-08-11
    Chapter 3.2312021-08-11
    Chapter 3.1342021-08-11
    Chapter 2302021-08-11
    Chapter 1.2402021-08-11
    Chapter 1.1372021-08-11
    Chapter 1392021-08-11
    Chapter 0532021-08-11

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