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    I entered the world of my favorite novel and genre through someone else’s body. Of course, out of all the characters, I just had to enter the body of the protagonist’s aunt, the woman who abused her nephew, the selfish villainess. According to the original storyline, in any case, my nephew was expected to leave my side soon. Compassion for him grew, so I put my most sincere effort into tending for him until the day we parted- “I realize it is rude in asking since you have been taking care of Luca until now, but may I take Luca to Winterwald with me?” There’s no way that won’t happen! I mean, I suppose I could’ve rushed to send him off and then live comfortably, but unexpectedly, my nephew wrapped his arms around my waist and shouted. “M-mom!” How did I become his mom all of a sudden?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Shoujo
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Views: 4425

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 38912021-08-25
    Chapter 37872021-08-25
    Chapter 36962021-08-11
    Chapter 35842021-08-11
    Chapter 341082021-07-28
    Chapter 331422021-07-21
    Chapter 321622021-07-14
    Chapter 311922021-07-13
    Chapter 301402021-07-13
    Chapter 291452021-07-13
    Chapter 281042021-07-13
    Chapter 271032021-07-13
    Chapter 261052021-07-13
    Chapter 251402021-07-13
    Chapter 24982021-07-13
    Chapter 231002021-07-13
    Chapter 221112021-07-13
    Chapter 211132021-07-13
    Chapter 201202021-07-13
    Chapter 191172021-07-13
    Chapter 181282021-07-13
    Chapter 171012021-07-13
    Chapter 161272021-07-13
    Chapter 151142021-07-13
    Chapter 141092021-07-13
    Chapter 131102021-07-13
    Chapter 121122021-07-13
    Chapter 111242021-07-13
    Chapter 101212021-07-13
    Chapter 91122021-07-13
    Chapter 81132021-07-13
    Chapter 71212021-07-13
    Chapter 61172021-07-13
    Chapter 51182021-07-13
    Chapter 41012021-07-13
    Chapter 31082021-07-13
    Chapter 21112021-07-13
    Chapter 11202021-07-13

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