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    In an accident, the employee Lu Heng possessed such a magical ability. He got the regret medicine that countless people dream of, and his life started again. After taking it, I have benefited a lot, and the effect of the medicine is very wonderful, staged a Jedi counterattack, counterattack the city. Picking up leaks, hitting faces, all willfulness. Not only is wealth in his hands, he also has both wealth and color. Create his own invincible business myth. However, the number of medicines seems limited? …The efficacy of the medicine is also unstable???...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Views: 1112

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 20562021-06-18
    Chapter 19582021-06-18
    Chapter 18832021-06-18
    Chapter 17362021-06-18
    Chapter 16352021-06-18
    Chapter 15322021-06-18
    Chapter 14342021-06-18
    Chapter 13312021-06-18
    Chapter 12332021-06-18
    Chapter 11392021-06-18
    Chapter 10312021-06-18
    Chapter 9392021-06-18
    Chapter 8392021-06-18
    Chapter 7382021-06-18
    Chapter 6412021-06-18
    Chapter 5632021-06-18
    Chapter 4702021-06-18
    Chapter 3792021-06-18
    Chapter 2772021-06-18
    Chapter 1832021-06-18
    Chapter 01152021-06-18

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