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    IDOLING Scans


    After divine punishment, the human race started to use a "new " calendar to keep track of years. In the 20th new year, a human exploration group unintentionally found a newborn baby lying alone on a rock slate while on an investigation mission. Just when the exploration group was going to head back with the baby, they encountered the punishment god, "Atlas", then the battle began......


    Status: Ongoing

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 2707

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 16382021-10-18
    Chapter 15332021-10-18
    Chapter 14292021-10-18
    Chapter 13112021-10-18
    Chapter 12112021-10-18
    Chapter 11712021-08-26
    Chapter 101282021-08-10
    Chapter 91062021-08-01
    Chapter 81132021-07-28
    Chapter 71532021-07-20
    Chapter 62362021-07-05
    Chapter 52002021-06-30
    Chapter 42532021-06-26
    Chapter 33492021-05-24
    Chapter 24422021-05-23
    Chapter 15332021-05-13

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