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    Taixu Continent advocates cultivating immortals. Due to lack of talent, Wu Yuan is often ridiculed and bullied by his colleagues. On the day of the red moon, Wu Yuan suffered from the destruction of the immortal gate. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was back ten years ago, and he had the memories of the past. In order to avoid the mediocrity of the previous life, Wu Yuan went through various trials and became the benchmark of the new generation in the fairy world. Just as Wu Yuan was proud, he was framed to death by the respectable fairy gate. When Wu Yuan opened his eyes again, he once again returned to ten years ago. This time, Wu Yuan retained his previous cultivation base because of the treasure. As Wu Yuan’s strength stacks up, can he break through ten years of reincarnation? What is the cause of the immortal destruction of the Taixu Continent? Why is the mysterious organization sacred?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Martial Arts
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 1300

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 44402021-07-02
    Chapter 43292021-07-02
    Chapter 42312021-07-02
    Chapter 4162021-07-02
    Chapter 4052021-07-02
    Chapter 3942021-07-02
    Chapter 3812021-07-02
    Chapter 3742021-07-02
    Chapter 3622021-07-02
    Chapter 3582021-07-02
    Chapter 32242021-07-02
    Chapter 31152021-07-02
    Chapter 30192021-07-02
    Chapter 29152021-07-02
    Chapter 28182021-07-02
    Chapter 27172021-07-02
    Chapter 26192021-07-02
    Chapter 25192021-07-02
    Chapter 24242021-07-02
    Chapter 23212021-07-02
    Chapter 22242021-07-02
    Chapter 21232021-07-02
    Chapter 20212021-07-02
    Chapter 19272021-07-02
    Chapter 18222021-07-02
    Chapter 17312021-07-02
    Chapter 16342021-07-02
    Chapter 15382021-07-02
    Chapter 14382021-07-02
    Chapter 13342021-07-02
    Chapter 12322021-07-02
    Chapter 11312021-07-02
    Chapter 10402021-07-02
    Chapter 9422021-07-02
    Chapter 8642021-07-02
    Chapter 7472021-07-02
    Chapter 6412021-07-02
    Chapter 5442021-07-02
    Chapter 4502021-07-02
    Chapter 3562021-07-02
    Chapter 2592021-07-02
    Chapter 1692021-07-02
    Chapter 01132021-07-02

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