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    Masaru is an ordinary middle-aged guy who does construction work on convenience stores and home centers and whatnot. Do I really need to give you the rest? Reincarnated in a young body, bunch of low-quality skills but are good for his own profession, decides to do construction again, girls with rabbit ears, slow life. You know what you were gettinginto the minute you saw “Home Center Isekai” in the title, so why are you still reading this and forcing me to write another synopsis for an isekai with the same plot beats as the last three?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Slice of Life
  • Shounen
  • Fantasy
  • Views: 6058

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 141432021-09-06
    Chapter 133112021-06-21
    Chapter 123992021-06-15
    Chapter 115562021-06-01
    Chapter 104162021-05-31
    Chapter 93272021-05-31
    Chapter 83512021-05-31
    Chapter 72852021-05-31
    Chapter 62982021-05-31
    Chapter 5.22872021-05-31
    Chapter 5.12892021-05-31
    Chapter 4.22942021-05-31
    Chapter 4.12922021-05-31
    Chapter 32932021-05-31
    Chapter 23502021-05-31
    Chapter 14532021-05-31
    Chapter 07142021-05-31

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