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    Gods from another world, the Outer Gods. Despair that Reaches the Skies,Gloom Trapped in a Swamp, One Who Couldn’t Be Born,Foolish Calamity. Normal people lost their lives simply by looking at them. Such beings were tearing the world apart… After years of fighting, the final survivors came to a conclusion. “An Inner cannot beat an Outer.” In that moment, Chronos, a divine being that could manipulate time, sacrificed himself and turned back the Clock Movement. “There is no way to win. For now.” “Return to an old world line. And start over.” The person chosen by all the gods to return to the past, the last human to climb the Tower, yet the one who managed to fight with the gods to the end Kim YuWon. “An Inner can’t beat an Outer. Even if that’s the case…” “I will still win in the end.” Can he regather his comrades that fought with him until the end, and lead the fight against the Outer Gods to victory?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Action
  • Views: 69524

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 3412692021-12-08
    Chapter 3310992021-11-17
    Chapter 327892021-11-09
    Chapter 319962021-11-02
    Chapter 3010332021-10-26
    Chapter 2912042021-10-19
    Chapter 2815232021-10-05
    Chapter 2714692021-09-28
    Chapter 2616822021-09-21
    Chapter 2517302021-09-14
    Chapter 2422632021-09-07
    Chapter 2323722021-08-31
    Chapter 2223442021-08-24
    Chapter 2129052021-08-17
    Chapter 2028082021-08-15
    Chapter 1922972021-08-15
    Chapter 1822252021-08-15
    Chapter 1722292021-08-15
    Chapter 1622892021-08-14
    Chapter 1522682021-08-14
    Chapter 1422412021-08-14
    Chapter 1322972021-08-14
    Chapter 1222262021-08-14
    Chapter 1121792021-08-14
    Chapter 1019042021-08-14
    Chapter 919292021-08-14
    Chapter 822502021-08-14
    Chapter 722072021-08-14
    Chapter 622142021-08-14
    Chapter 522092021-08-14
    Chapter 422422021-08-14
    Chapter 322942021-08-14
    Chapter 229042021-08-14
    Chapter 136962021-08-14

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