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    The protagonist who was rarely ever at school during his middle school and high school days, is unemployed even as an adult. From morning till night, it was video games. For him who was ranked first worldwide, it was his life. One day, his character is suddenly hacked. The data was unrecoverable and there was nothing that could be done. Feeling great despair at having lost his rank that he had bet everything to achieve in a world that controlled his life, the protagonist attempts suicide. When he awakens, he finds himself inside the video game, no, it was a real world that resembled it. There, he notices that he has reincarnated into the the body of a sub character that he had created and bought premium benefits for long ago but had left neglected....


    Status: Ongoing

  • Isekai
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 6182

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 293022021-10-26
    Chapter 282542021-10-22
    Chapter 272992021-09-14
    Chapter 263972021-07-16
    Chapter 252632021-07-16
    Chapter 241972021-07-16
    Chapter 231942021-07-16
    Chapter 221642021-07-16
    Chapter 211682021-07-16
    Chapter 201732021-07-16
    Chapter 191912021-07-16
    Chapter 181892021-07-16
    Chapter 171942021-07-16
    Chapter 161822021-07-16
    Chapter 151752021-07-16
    Chapter 141802021-07-16
    Chapter 131282021-09-14
    Chapter 121812021-07-16
    Chapter 111632021-07-16
    Chapter 101802021-07-16
    Chapter 91862021-07-16
    Chapter 81872021-07-16
    Chapter 72122021-07-16
    Chapter 61862021-07-16
    Chapter 51802021-07-16
    Chapter 41842021-07-16
    Chapter 31952021-07-16
    Chapter 21952021-07-16
    Chapter 1.22092021-07-16
    Chapter 1.12802021-07-16

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