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    "Why doesn't anybody remember the true world...!" The great war between the five races over the world ended when the Hero Sid led humanity to victory. A young boy named Kai watched as that world was suddenly overwritten before his eyes. In the rewritten world, Sid never existed. Humanity had lost. There, dragons and demons ruled the world. Kai was forgotten by everyone around him. However, after encountering the mysterious girl Rinne, Kai decides to break this rewritten destiny. In a world without a hero, he inherits the hero's sword and martial arts and challenges the mighty enemy races in power. Thus begins the quest of one boy, forgotten by the world, to take back the future!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Sci-fi
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 4092

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 30.1712021-06-06
    Chapter 291102021-05-26
    Chapter 28.2662021-05-26
    Chapter 28.11392021-05-24
    Chapter 27.2732021-05-24
    Chapter 27.12982021-04-18
    Chapter 261052021-04-18
    Chapter 25.21012021-04-18
    Chapter 25.1702021-04-18
    Chapter 24852021-04-18
    Chapter 23782021-04-18
    Chapter 22692021-04-18
    Chapter 21632021-04-18
    Chapter 20672021-04-18
    Chapter 19.2652021-04-18
    Chapter 19.1742021-04-18
    Chapter 18942021-04-18
    Chapter 171002021-04-18
    Chapter 161072021-04-18
    Chapter 151082021-04-18
    Chapter 14.2992021-04-18
    Chapter 14.11002021-04-18
    Chapter 131042021-04-18
    Chapter 121002021-04-18
    Chapter 111022021-04-18
    Chapter 101212021-04-18
    Chapter 91182021-04-18
    Chapter 81212021-04-18
    Chapter 71372021-04-18
    Chapter 61402021-04-18
    Chapter 51482021-04-18
    Chapter 41492021-04-18
    Chapter 31662021-04-18
    Chapter 21962021-04-18
    Chapter 13802021-04-18

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