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    Seo Hyunwoo' is a member of the idol group that's about to debut. On the day of their profile shoot, an accident left a hideous scar on one side of his face, causing his dream of debuting to collapse. Fortunately, he became an idol trainer with the recommendation of his manager, but he still spent his shabby days in sorrow. One day, he got on a plane with the idol group in charge of going abroad, but an unexpected incident caused his plane to crash!! But... "Why are you talking so loud in your sleep?" "Going back, I wanna go back..." Then he realized that he came back to when he was 19 years old; when he was preparing to join the debut team. Seo Hyunwoo, an idol who looks like a 19-year old boy but has been strengthened by his experience as a trainer before coming back. This is the story of his growth to become an idol once again...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Slice of Life
  • Shounen
  • Comedy
  • Views: 10190

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 41532022-01-11
    Chapter 40352022-01-09
    Chapter 39842021-12-28
    Chapter 381272021-12-20
    Chapter 371062021-12-14
    Chapter 361072021-12-08
    Chapter 351142021-11-30
    Chapter 341452021-11-23
    Chapter 331412021-11-16
    Chapter 321952021-11-09
    Chapter 311572021-11-02
    Chapter 301502021-10-27
    Chapter 292112021-10-18
    Chapter 282682021-10-11
    Chapter 272442021-10-06
    Chapter 262672021-09-27
    Chapter 253362021-09-21
    Chapter 243152021-09-13
    Chapter 233302021-09-06
    Chapter 222812021-09-05
    Chapter 213352021-09-05
    Chapter 202922021-09-04
    Chapter 192702021-09-04
    Chapter 183202021-09-04
    Chapter 172212021-09-04
    Chapter 162912021-09-04
    Chapter 153112021-09-04
    Chapter 143102021-09-03
    Chapter 133082021-09-03
    Chapter 123342021-09-03
    Chapter 112882021-09-03
    Chapter 102922021-09-03
    Chapter 92802021-09-03
    Chapter 82782021-09-03
    Chapter 72762021-09-03
    Chapter 62922021-09-03
    Chapter 52972021-09-03
    Chapter 43612021-09-01
    Chapter 33612021-09-01
    Chapter 23852021-09-01
    Chapter 14252021-09-01

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