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    The crown prince, Christopher's fiancee, while only in name, Eliana, is a noble lady that enjoys her life by reading books all day. One fateful day, Eliana ended up knowing that there was a noble lady that apparently the prince was all affectionate with. Instantly, she thought that a girl that actually loved the prince appeared!!

    And, while thinking about that, Eliana started to prepare for the approaching time of when her engagement would be canceled... The book loving Noble lady that is making a lot of misunderstandings, a Romance and Fantasy story is at last starting!...

    Author/s: ???

    Status: Ongoing


    Views: 1455

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 17662020-10-16
    Chapter 16942020-09-16
    Chapter 15852020-08-16
    Chapter 14972020-08-16
    Chapter 131292020-08-16
    Chapter 12712020-08-16
    Chapter 11772020-08-16
    Chapter 10812020-08-16
    Chapter 9892020-08-16
    Chapter 8632020-08-16
    Chapter 7692020-08-16
    Chapter 6622020-08-16
    Chapter 5952020-08-16
    Chapter 4862020-08-16
    Chapter 3752020-08-16
    Chapter 21092020-08-16
    Chapter 11062020-08-16

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