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    A man who's crazy about martial arts, the Mad Demon Lee JaHa. After stealing the Demonic Cult Leader's Heavenly Jade, he fell down a cliff while being pursued. After thinking everything was over, he opened his eyes, having returned back to a time he was an inn helper who was looked down on by everyone... He had been falsely accused and the inn was in ruins. The Mad Demon who returned to being an inn help. Will he go mad once again? Or will his enemies go mad instead?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Action
  • Views: 13255

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 272512021-12-21
    Chapter 262722021-12-11
    Chapter 252142021-12-07
    Chapter 242402021-12-02
    Chapter 232342021-11-28
    Chapter 223312021-11-20
    Chapter 213972021-11-06
    Chapter 204772021-11-03
    Chapter 194162021-10-28
    Chapter 183962021-10-25
    Chapter 175712021-10-09
    Chapter 165172021-10-07
    Chapter 154652021-10-06
    Chapter 145252021-09-24
    Chapter 134202021-09-24
    Chapter 125202021-09-13
    Chapter 114232021-09-13
    Chapter 106002021-08-22
    Chapter 95442021-08-18
    Chapter 86202021-08-10
    Chapter 76372021-08-04
    Chapter 67252021-07-22
    Chapter 57152021-07-22
    Chapter 46582021-07-22
    Chapter 36502021-07-22
    Chapter 26812021-07-22
    Chapter 17592021-07-22

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