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    The oldest and strongest Dragon grew tired of living choose to die when the Heroes come for his life. When the Dragon's soul is waiting to drift toward the Sea of Soul, that is when its noticed its has been reborn into a Human baby. The Dragon then decide to live it's life as a Human to the fullest, and regained his will to live. The Dragon was born into the child of a farmer lives his live in the frontier possessing enormous amount of power due to his soul being a Dragon's. He then encounter the Demon of the Lamia race, fairies, Black Rose, and later enter the Magic Academy. The man whose soul is of a Dragon lives his life in joy going to Magic Academy, spending time with an old friend, The Earth Goddess, meets beautiful girls, strong classmates, the Dragon King and the Queen of Vampires. ...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Harem
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 2982

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 293422021-04-24
    Chapter 281502021-04-24
    Chapter 271172021-04-24
    Chapter 26682021-04-24
    Chapter 25622021-04-24
    Chapter 24512021-04-24
    Chapter 23512021-04-24
    Chapter 22532021-04-24
    Chapter 21552021-04-24
    Chapter 20592021-04-24
    Chapter 19732021-04-24
    Chapter 18722021-04-24
    Chapter 17762021-04-24
    Chapter 16732021-04-24
    Chapter 15632021-04-24
    Chapter 14642021-04-24
    Chapter 13652021-04-24
    Chapter 12672021-04-24
    Chapter 11722021-04-24
    Chapter 101102021-04-24
    Chapter 9862021-04-24
    Chapter 8882021-04-24
    Chapter 7942021-04-24
    Chapter 6982021-04-24
    Chapter 51162021-04-24
    Chapter 41532021-04-24
    Chapter 31512021-04-24
    Chapter 21972021-04-24
    Chapter 12652021-04-24

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