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    The Continent of the Heavens is full of aura, and everyone admires cultivation, so it is respected by the status of the cultivation sect. Shentu Juetian is one of the two sages of the Fire Dragon City. In order to save the common people, his only son, Shentuao, lost his blessing. The former proud son of heaven has been bullied since then. He wanted to practice and stand up for himself, but because of an unknown collar, he became a waste. Paranoid practice turned him into a bloodthirsty and cruel demon. He vowed to avenge this shame, with the help of the power of evil spirits, to change this chaotic world. There’s only one final goal, to become the emperor, the demon god!!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Tragedy
  • Martial Arts
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 2424

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 18.5452021-08-29
    Chapter 18312021-08-29
    Chapter 17612021-08-04
    Chapter 16432021-08-04
    Chapter 15392021-08-04
    Chapter 141402021-06-12
    Chapter 131322021-06-12
    Chapter 121272021-06-12
    Chapter 11752021-06-12
    Chapter 10812021-06-12
    Chapter 91802021-05-31
    Chapter 81712021-05-31
    Chapter 71822021-05-31
    Chapter 61562021-05-31
    Chapter 51622021-05-31
    Chapter 41582021-05-31
    Chapter 31562021-05-31
    Chapter 22362021-05-31
    Chapter 12502021-05-31

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