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    Junho Kim, he loved pro-wrestling more than anyone but he couldn’t escape the racial standards. After his meaningless retirement, while working as a construction worker, he got caught up in an unexpected accident… And after he opened his eyes, he returned to the day before his WWF entrance exam! “This time, I won’t end as the villain ‘king-fury’ with a 0.7% success rate!” He returned to his 20s body with all the knowledge he’s worked so hard for and information about the future. He will not repeat his history of being ‘jobber’, the expert at losing. He will rewrite the history of pro wrestling together with the wrestler that will take over the era in the future! To ultimately become the god of pro wrestling, an ‘icon’ of the era!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 3426

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 27622021-06-02
    Chapter 26532021-05-30
    Chapter 25362021-06-02
    Chapter 24162021-06-02
    Chapter 23132021-06-02
    Chapter 22772021-05-29
    Chapter 21932021-05-20
    Chapter 20452021-05-29
    Chapter 19262021-05-29
    Chapter 181522021-05-13
    Chapter 171002021-05-13
    Chapter 16872021-05-13
    Chapter 151452021-05-07
    Chapter 141272021-05-06
    Chapter 131952021-05-04
    Chapter 121952021-05-02
    Chapter 111782021-04-30
    Chapter 102082021-04-29
    Chapter 91732021-04-29
    Chapter 81622021-04-29
    Chapter 71592021-04-29
    Chapter 61482021-04-29
    Chapter 51632021-04-29
    Chapter 41752021-04-29
    Chapter 31792021-04-29
    Chapter 22022021-04-29
    Chapter 12562021-04-29

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