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    Felmenia Stingray was a genius magician. She quickly became the most distinguished magician of the Astel Kingdom after her discovery of white fire magic, which had the power to burn anything. However, the world is in peril due to the Demon King. The kingdom's court magicians perform a summoning ritual for heroes and bring forth a hero and two youths, a boy and a girl. Unlike the girl, the young man refused to fight the Demon King alongside the Hero and demanded to be sent back to his world. The kingdom, angry with his behavior, lock him away. Now Felmenia stands before the young man with her strongest magic, the white flame, being completely useless and asks who he is. It was already obvious to her that this man was far stronger than she was. To this he simply responds. "Yakagi Suimei, a magician." Original Japanese Web Novel...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Isekai
  • Romance
  • Harem
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 2755

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 342342021-06-08
    Chapter 331332021-06-08
    Chapter 321142021-06-08
    Chapter 31742021-06-08
    Chapter 30662021-06-08
    Chapter 29602021-06-08
    Chapter 28592021-06-08
    Chapter 27552021-06-08
    Chapter 26432021-06-08
    Chapter 25542021-06-08
    Chapter 24442021-06-08
    Chapter 23502021-06-08
    Chapter 22352021-06-08
    Chapter 21352021-06-08
    Chapter 20382021-06-08
    Chapter 19502021-06-08
    Chapter 18372021-06-08
    Chapter 17742021-06-08
    Chapter 16462021-06-08
    Chapter 15532021-06-08
    Chapter 14492021-06-08
    Chapter 13512021-06-08
    Chapter 12.5452021-06-08
    Chapter 12482021-06-08
    Chapter 11662021-06-08
    Chapter 10622021-06-08
    Chapter 9562021-06-08
    Chapter 8612021-06-08
    Chapter 7812021-06-08
    Chapter 6902021-06-08
    Chapter 5912021-06-08
    Chapter 4.2872021-06-08
    Chapter 4.1802021-06-08
    Chapter 4882021-06-08
    Chapter 3962021-06-08
    Chapter 2.1912021-06-08
    Chapter 21082021-06-08
    Chapter 11552021-06-08

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