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    An unfamiliar world that suddenly fell. Unfamiliar language, a zombie called Mannock, an uneven situation. A man who appeared when even hope was lost in repeated despair. "A stranger?" She was the savior she met. Baek Hee-su, who wants to return to the original world, picked up a woman who needs a lot of hands in many ways. What should I do with this woman? “If I think you're waiting for me, I think I can do anything. Anything to come back to you... "Mercenary and mysterious man who hunts Manoc, Kalix Clovis" "I will never meet you again when I arrive in the city." "Okay?" He carefully held her hand holding my forearm. His bright blue eyes stared straight at her. "Until then, stay by my side." Author: Masheri Artist: VEX, Piggyback...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Adventure
  • Views: 2860

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 36282021-09-15
    Chapter 35562021-09-09
    Chapter 34472021-09-09
    Chapter 33632021-08-26
    Chapter 32632021-08-18
    Chapter 31482021-08-12
    Chapter 30662021-08-04
    Chapter 29612021-08-04
    Chapter 281052021-07-21
    Chapter 27992021-07-15
    Chapter 26902021-07-07
    Chapter 251002021-07-01
    Chapter 241382021-06-18
    Chapter 231062021-06-18
    Chapter 221042021-06-18
    Chapter 21672021-06-18
    Chapter 20602021-06-18
    Chapter 19672021-06-18
    Chapter 18582021-06-18
    Chapter 17702021-06-18
    Chapter 16722021-06-18
    Chapter 15732021-06-18
    Chapter 14962021-06-18
    Chapter 13832021-06-18
    Chapter 12732021-06-18
    Chapter 11762021-06-18
    Chapter 10782021-06-18
    Chapter 9792021-06-18
    Chapter 8732021-06-18
    Chapter 7562021-06-18
    Chapter 6912021-06-18
    Chapter 5992021-06-18
    Chapter 41002021-06-18
    Chapter 31062021-06-18
    Chapter 2772021-06-18
    Chapter 11322021-06-18

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