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    Mythical Horror-Thriller Epic The Story behind the Journey to the West There exists no immortality here. Whether you are a mortal, demon, evil spirit, or god, we are all but only living beings. We can’t escape from the tracks of history; we can’t avoid the cycles of life. Reality is inevitably bloody and cruel, that is why reality is also gentle and warm. The game of power and benefits, the choice between life and death, the overlapping of love and hatred. In this world, who is the chess player, who is the chess piece, and also, who is the chessboard?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Historical
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 3278

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 28502021-07-02
    Chapter 27772021-07-02
    Chapter 261392021-06-06
    Chapter 25732021-06-06
    Chapter 241142021-06-05
    Chapter 231032021-06-05
    Chapter 221022021-06-05
    Chapter 21832021-06-05
    Chapter 201102021-06-03
    Chapter 191182021-06-03
    Chapter 181722021-05-31
    Chapter 171092021-05-31
    Chapter 161132021-05-31
    Chapter 15802021-05-31
    Chapter 14902021-05-31
    Chapter 13822021-05-31
    Chapter 12812021-05-31
    Chapter 111022021-05-31
    Chapter 10822021-05-31
    Chapter 9812021-05-31
    Chapter 8932021-05-31
    Chapter 7792021-05-31
    Chapter 6992021-05-31
    Chapter 51002021-05-31
    Chapter 41032021-05-31
    Chapter 31032021-05-31
    Chapter 21342021-05-31
    Chapter 12382021-05-31
    Chapter 03662021-05-31

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