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    Mythical Horror-Thriller Epic The Story behind the Journey to the West There exists no immortality here. Whether you are a mortal, demon, evil spirit, or god, we are all but only living beings. We can’t escape from the tracks of history; we can’t avoid the cycles of life. Reality is inevitably bloody and cruel, that is why reality is also gentle and warm. The game of power and benefits, the choice between life and death, the overlapping of love and hatred. In this world, who is the chess player, who is the chess piece, and also, who is the chessboard?...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Historical
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 1288

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 26232021-06-06
    Chapter 25182021-06-06
    Chapter 24522021-06-05
    Chapter 23352021-06-05
    Chapter 22422021-06-05
    Chapter 21202021-06-05
    Chapter 20542021-06-03
    Chapter 19502021-06-03
    Chapter 18882021-05-31
    Chapter 17502021-05-31
    Chapter 16432021-05-31
    Chapter 15302021-05-31
    Chapter 14302021-05-31
    Chapter 13252021-05-31
    Chapter 12302021-05-31
    Chapter 11412021-05-31
    Chapter 10322021-05-31
    Chapter 9332021-05-31
    Chapter 8362021-05-31
    Chapter 7312021-05-31
    Chapter 6382021-05-31
    Chapter 5442021-05-31
    Chapter 4452021-05-31
    Chapter 3462021-05-31
    Chapter 2822021-05-31
    Chapter 11392021-05-31
    Chapter 01312021-05-31

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