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    Jeohun is taking the law course at elite school Korean National University. To make matters worse, my father was hit and run…! A strange compass-like object enters his desperate eyes! Suddenly a messenger named ‘Jun’ appeared! It is said that the Time Roulette grands wishes with its powers. Unexpected missions and disasters! And the master of time travel, Karma! Will Junghoon be able to find out the clues of the hit and run criminal and carry out his mission safely?!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Shounen
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 2232

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 22422021-06-18
    Chapter 21712021-06-12
    Chapter 20972021-06-06
    Chapter 191132021-06-05
    Chapter 18822021-06-05
    Chapter 17812021-06-05
    Chapter 16592021-06-05
    Chapter 15822021-06-04
    Chapter 14742021-06-04
    Chapter 13712021-06-04
    Chapter 12882021-06-04
    Chapter 11932021-06-04
    Chapter 10902021-06-04
    Chapter 9632021-06-04
    Chapter 8742021-06-04
    Chapter 71352021-06-03
    Chapter 61322021-06-03
    Chapter 51402021-06-03
    Chapter 41102021-06-03
    Chapter 31332021-06-03
    Chapter 21862021-06-03
    Chapter 12162021-06-03

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