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    I was staying awake with work all night same as usual, I fell asleep and woke up and I am possessing the villian in the web novel which I was reading? 'Well, this is common cliché. According to the fate, I will die. Damn it' I must find a way First way to survive when I am possessing the crazy villain in the novel 'I create many people who are on my side' Second way to survive when I am possessing the crazy villain in the novel(edited) 'I become strong enough to protect myself' Third way to survive when I am possessing the crazy villain in the novel 'I will never be friendly with that proud crazy returner' But what should I do? Before I possessed him, the master of this body made a mess already(edited) 'I can use money and kill the returner who doesn't have his power yet? Are you crazy? Who will stop the evil overlord then?' Yoo-Sung Choi who is possessing the evil villain wants to live comfortably rather than becoming most powerful. His survival story in the modern times + Raid possessed fantasy (?) has begun!...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Isekai
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 4877

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 51912021-06-12
    Chapter 501162021-06-10
    Chapter 49872021-06-10
    Chapter 48872021-06-10
    Chapter 47792021-06-09
    Chapter 46952021-06-08
    Chapter 451672021-05-20
    Chapter 441092021-05-20
    Chapter 432372021-05-02
    Chapter 421342021-05-02
    Chapter 411322021-05-02
    Chapter 40832021-05-02
    Chapter 39832021-05-02
    Chapter 38922021-05-02
    Chapter 37862021-05-02
    Chapter 36872021-05-02
    Chapter 35832021-05-02
    Chapter 34822021-05-02
    Chapter 33892021-05-02
    Chapter 32852021-05-02
    Chapter 31812021-05-02
    Chapter 30842021-05-02
    Chapter 29902021-05-02
    Chapter 28762021-05-02
    Chapter 27782021-05-02
    Chapter 26762021-05-02
    Chapter 25762021-05-02
    Chapter 24752021-05-02
    Chapter 23812021-05-02
    Chapter 22882021-05-02
    Chapter 21822021-05-02
    Chapter 20832021-05-02
    Chapter 19812021-05-02
    Chapter 18832021-05-02
    Chapter 17822021-05-02
    Chapter 16832021-05-02
    Chapter 15862021-05-02
    Chapter 14862021-05-02
    Chapter 13792021-05-02
    Chapter 12802021-05-02
    Chapter 11882021-05-02
    Chapter 10872021-05-02
    Chapter 9922021-05-02
    Chapter 8992021-05-02
    Chapter 7952021-05-02
    Chapter 6972021-05-02
    Chapter 5962021-05-02
    Chapter 4982021-05-02
    Chapter 31102021-05-02
    Chapter 21122021-05-02
    Chapter 11712021-05-02

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