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    Su Mu, the fourth youngest son of the Su family, is driven out of the family because of a temporary loss of investment, and coincidentally becomes the Chen family’s superfluous son-in-law, who is despised by everyone. However, a tiger is a tiger and a dragon is a dragon. Until one day he is like a dragon and tiger, recovered overnight, those who insulted him kneel before him and beg for forgiveness, those who despise him are repentant…...


    Status: Ongoing

  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Views: 3547

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 17872021-06-19
    Chapter 161092021-06-17
    Chapter 151352021-06-15
    Chapter 141802021-06-13
    Chapter 132082021-06-10
    Chapter 122402021-06-08
    Chapter 112332021-06-08
    Chapter 102342021-06-07
    Chapter 92552021-06-06
    Chapter 82302021-06-06
    Chapter 72272021-06-06
    Chapter 62002021-06-06
    Chapter 52182021-06-06
    Chapter 42202021-06-06
    Chapter 32272021-06-06
    Chapter 22552021-06-06
    Chapter 12892021-06-06

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