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    XIU TU Scans


    After Pangu opened the sky, the overflowing divine power remained in the world, gradually becoming several divine weapons, and spread into the bloody rivers and lakes. The dark arrows that can penetrate the wall can summon giant whale umbrellas and turn snowy mountains into magma spears ... Li Cangsang and his son must defeat the masters who possess these unsurpassed soldiers to find the whereabouts of the enemies of the family and unlock the centuries of family curse....


    Status: Ongoing

  • Martial Arts
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Views: 477

    Chapter Number/Name Views Uploaded
    Chapter 10452021-06-10
    Chapter 9.2292021-06-10
    Chapter 9.1392021-06-10
    Chapter 8.2152021-06-10
    Chapter 8.1202021-06-10
    Chapter 7.2182021-06-10
    Chapter 7.1102021-06-10
    Chapter 6.2152021-06-10
    Chapter 6.1192021-06-10
    Chapter 5.2262021-06-10
    Chapter 5.1242021-06-10
    Chapter 4.2182021-06-10
    Chapter 4.1132021-06-10
    Chapter 3.2182021-06-10
    Chapter 3.1262021-06-10
    Chapter 2.2342021-06-10
    Chapter 2.1282021-06-10
    Chapter 1.2352021-06-10
    Chapter 1.1462021-06-10

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